Matthew Millen impressive with his honesty in assessing his father's situation in Detroit

"Like I'm reading on family law. What do I care about family law? You have only so many days you can take when you're pregnant. I don't care. Take them. All I want to do is win."

After the documentary, Millen's sons, Marcus, now a captain in the U.S. Army, and Matthew joined their father on the NFL Network's L.A. set for "A Football Life: Backstory."

It was noted how the whole Millen family got through the entire Detroit debacle with a sense of humor. There was even a nugget about how Millen came home from Detroit for Christmas and was told to look up at his tree and there was a angel with a "Fire Millen" sign amid the decorations.

It drew laughs, but at the same time, the failure had to take a toll on a guy who had encountered nothing but success almost his entire life and also a proud family, rooted in faith, that had to deal with criticism of the most vicious kind.

Leave it to Matthew to find a silver lining.

"I finally saw my father fail at something," he said. "For my entire life, that had never been the case. And to see how he handled that was something that gave me even more respect for him. He handled that even more gracefully than winning."


PBS39 will have a repeat showing of its Emmy-nominated documentary "Football Legends of Pennsylvania" at 9 p.m. Sunday. The documentary is based on the critically acclaimed book written by local sports historian Evan Burian and features interviews with Chuck Bednarik, Andre Reed and other Keystone State football legends.

Speaking of Bednarik, my apologies for messing up the name of Bednarik's son-in-law Ken Safarowic in a column earlier this week. Ken was even gracious enough to come on our "Calling All Sports" TV show a few years and I still botched the name.


KEITH'S CAN'T MISS … Matt Millen returns to Happy Valley on Saturday and will work the ESPN broadcast of the Michigan-Penn State game at 5 p.m.





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