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Roy's Restaurant
Table Talk: Gearing up for grilled cheese
Table Talk: Gearing up for grilled cheese

It's finally spring, and our thoughts turn naturally to warm, crusty bread and gooey, molten melted cheese. I'm firmly in the simpler-is-better camp when it comes to grilled cheese. A perfect grilled cheese is one of those things you're still as likely to find at a lunch counter, or an all-night diner, as at a gourmet place. Personally, I could do without tomatoes, but I'm always happy to see good, slabby bacon. April, you'll be happy to hear, is Grilled Cheese Month, which gives us all a reason to refine our grilled cheese tastes. The big event around here is coming up April 10, when the Mount Washington Tavern will host a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cook-Off....