Rick Bayless

Tidbits: From the chefs to your doorLeave...

Tidbits: From the chefs to your door

Leave it to Neiman Marcus to come up with the ultimate foodie gift in its holiday catalog -- seven gourmet feasts prepared by noted chefs that are delivered to your door ready to heat and serve. Savor Rick Bayless' Chipotle Pot Roast, Dave Burke's Seafood Bisque Pot Pie With Tomato Confit and Wild Rice, and Nancy Silverton's California Cacciatore With Roasted Carrot Puree among other temptations. The seven meals for four adults cost $625 plus a handling charge of $110. Supply your own salt and pepper. Call 800-825-8000.

Honored herb

Pine-scented rosemary -- the Christmas herb honored for love and remembrance -- has been unveiled as...