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Andrew Weinzirl leaving Maggie's Farm for AVAM
Andrew Weinzirl leaving Maggie's Farm for AVAM

He ain't gonna work at Maggie's Farm no more. Andrew Weinzirl, the co-owner and executive chef at Maggie’s Farm, is leaving the Harford Road restaurant to take the executive chef position at Encantada, the restaurant in development at the American Visionary Art Museum. Weinzirl said that he and his longtime fiancee, Laura Marino, are selling their share of Maggie’s Farm to their co-owner and partner, Matthew Weaver, and his wife, Andrea Weaver. Weinzirl took over the kitchen at what was then the Chameleon Cafe in the spring of 2012. With Marino and Matthew Weaver as his partners, Weinzirl bought Chameleon from its owner and founding chef Jeff Smith later that...