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Kentucky Fried Chicken

Vegan or not, Cincy chili is all about spices

Vegan or not, Cincy chili is all about spices

You're probably familiar with traditional chili — a big bowl of red bursting with beef, vegetables, beans and spices that'll make you sweat. But you might not know Cincinnati chili. It's a whole different beast. It's soupy, dotted with tiny grains of meat and onions, and infused with a savory-sweet-not-too-hot spice blend redolent of cinnamon and cocoa. Plus, it's traditionally served over spaghetti. For those in the know, Cincinnati chili is positively addictive. This traditionally beef-based dish is gaining an even wider audience as chili houses along the Ohio-Kentucky border develop excellent vegetarian and vegan versions. "Cincinnati is a big...