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Sidewalk chefs serve up taste of Pimlico
Sidewalk chefs serve up taste of Pimlico

After 25 Preaknesses, Annette Thomas has her routine, and recipes, down pat. Thirty pounds of ribs, both pork and beef, marinated overnight in vinegar and soy sauce, then grilled in front of her house on Saturday. Fifty pounds of red-skin potatoes — "Never russets, oh no, no, no!" — boiled in her crab pots for dill whipped potato salad. "Half-and-half," or homemade sweet tea — not the bought tea, she explains — and lemonade to wash it down. For the hungry hordes heading into or out of Pimlico Race Course, sidewalk chefs like Thomas serve up a home-cooked alternative to the concessions inside. The intoxicating scent of sizzling meat draws...