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Wolfgang Puck
'Top Chef Seattle' recap, Past suppers
'Top Chef Seattle' recap, Past suppers

[Pre-recap recap: Last week, the chefs dug up their own oysters, Micah won the Quickfire, the Rat City Roller Girls had a "Top Chef"-catered skating party, Padma wowed us with her roller disco moves, Josie got on everyone’s last nerve, team Brooke/John won and Bart was sent home. Got it? Good.]  It’s dawn in Seattle: We wake up to witness Sheldon methodically sharpening his knives and Stefan methodically applying face cream. No surprise, then, that the challenge is about knife skills. Padma introduces master bladesmith Bob Kramer, who will be judging the Quickfire. He is one of only 120 masters in the U.S. and the footage of him working in his shop is pretty...