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Recipe: Pairings Bistro's pan-roasted duck breast

Recipe: Pairings Bistro's pan-roasted duck breast

As the temperature dips, our palates start to crave heartier dishes with strong, warm flavors, like the ones delivered by Chef Jon Kohler’s pan-roasted duck breast paired with sweet potato puree and cherries.

Kohler, the owner and chef at the popular Pairings Bistro in Bel Air, keeps the preparation of the duck breast straightforward. Simply seasoning with salt and pepper before searing in a pan and finishing the duck in the oven, he allows the natural flavors of the duck to shine.

But he pairs the duck with two powerful side dishes: pepper-spiked cherries and pureed sweet potatoes. Kohler macerates the cherries in a syrup that’s sweet and savory, combining...