How well will Phil Jackson do in New York? Quite well, I'm sure; after all, he has Jim Buss' cellphone number and a number of castoffs to send west.

Lynn McGinnis



How to become a millionaire? Just ask Jim Buss. He managed to turn a billion-dollar enterprise into a million-dollar one.

Sam Austin

Bermuda Dunes


So the owner of the Knicks believes it is worth $60 million to have Phil Jackson watch the team lose for the next five years? Some might say even that amount isn't enough.

Kevin H. Park



Phil Jackson chose one incompetent son ruining his father's franchise over another.

In blackjack that's called a push.

Gary H. Miller



Phil Jackson has stated a desire that Carmelo Anthony be retained by the Knicks. Jackson's return to the NBA has already made the Lakers a better team.

David Hawkins

Anaheim Hills