Team photo

Kings players crowd together for a team photo after winning the Stanley Cup on Friday night at Staples Center. (Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times / June 14, 2014)

What Los Angeles should remember about the Kings besides their winning the Stanley Cup is there was no self-centered, all-about-me superstar, no crazy owner, no so-called prodigy who scoffs at direction and no coach whose ego is bigger than everyone else.

What makes each of these Kings different is that they are the epitome of the John Wooden quote, "The star of the team is the team." They never give up on one another, constantly display selflessness, always exhibit sportsmanship and class but most of all practice the lost character trait of humility.

The rest of our local teams could learn a lesson from them, but then again the sport of hockey stands alone, as evidenced by the traditional handshake line of both teams at center ice, win or lose. What's not to admire more than that?

Bill Consolo

Del Aire


Congratulations to our Los Angeles Kings, the most selfless group of athletes anyone will ever see. During the postgame interviews, and as the celebrations took place, not one member of that team took individual credit for anything, but deflected it all to "the guys in this room."

I hope every athlete in every other sport takes notice of what a team really is, and how sportsmanship is portrayed, during the heartfelt lineup and handshake, following a win for one and a loss for the other but showing respect for both.

Now, how many cardiologists' offices are going to be swamped with pleas for appointments this week?

Success doesn't come easy, but victory must taste sweeter when they have to work that hard to accomplish their goal.

Again, congratulations to every member of the entire Los Angeles Kings organization, for another exciting and satisfyingly successful Stanley Cup Championship run.

John Wade

Newbury Park


If Barry Melrose was absent from the NHL Network, I would swear I was watching the MSG Network. I thought the L.A. Kings were playing in the Final as well!

Mike Popov

San Clemente


I had a friend from Chicago whom I went to law school with here in Los Angeles in the early '80s. He was a Cubs fan and he would tell me that we were very spoiled in Los Angeles when it came to professional sports teams. The Lakers and Dodgers were strong at the time.

I told him that at least you have the Blackhawks. He told me I was right. And now, in 2014, we have the Kings.