In 2013, our hearts were warmed by individual stories of compassion, but tragic, landmark events cast their shadows.

The Boston Marathon bombing riveted the nation. Three people were killed, and more than 260 were wounded. Shootings in Colorado, California, Chicago and beyond stirred shock and disbelief, continuing a tragic thread of violence from the previous year.

The nation’s gaze turned to a Florida courtroom as George Zimmerman was acquitted on all charges in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a decision that sparked outrage across the country. Zimmerman appeared on  police radar throughout the year with a series of domestic disputes.

Disasters took their toll, with the Midwest ravaged by historically strong tornadoes, Colorado inundated by floods and California scorched by the state’s third-largest wildfire. On the East Coast, those who saw their neighborhoods left in tatters by 2012’s Superstorm Sandy redoubled their recovery efforts.

So how well do you remember the year’s landmark events? Find out with the quiz below.