Wary of unions

Re “Obama picks union-backer for Labor post,” Dec. 19

Let me get something straight here. We are to understand that the autoworkers' unions and management are jointly responsible for the crippling of the U.S. auto industry.

The president-elect states that he has chosen Secretary of Labor-designate Rep. Hilda L. Solis (D-El Monte) because she will return the Labor Department to its rightful place as a strong, effective and forceful advocate for, among other things, labor unions.

I interpret this to mean the return of the unions' past inflexible demands and threats as a means of getting their way in contract negotiations.

Is this the "change" we want -- all-powerful labor unions alongside all-powerful managements of businesses?

Bob Aronoff

South Pasadena

Jerry Brown's Prop. 8 position

Re "Brown asks justices to toss Prop. 8," Dec. 20

Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown's 111-page brief is anything but. It is the ramblings of a pro-gay politician and is predicated on a false premise.

Proposition 8 does not deny any "inalienable" right to any citizen. Under this and every other California law, every citizen has the right to marry -- as long as it is not to an animal, a child, a blood relative or someone of the same sex.

Per your article, even the legal scholars are amazed at the far-reaching nature of Brown's assertions. They are also taken aback by his reluctance to enforce this law even though he disagrees with it.

Accordingly, Brown is either incapable of doing or refuses to do the job of the office to which he was elected. Whichever the case, he should be tossed out of office.

Don Marton

Valley Glen


First Brown "jerry-rigged" the Proposition 8 ballot language, hoping for its defeat. After it surprisingly passed, he tempered his earlier action by giving his word that he would, as is his duty, "defend the proposition as enacted by the people."

Now our esteemed top lawyer has changed his mind. He now is asking the state Supreme Court to invalidate the voters' mandate.