Conditions on bailouts

Re “Desperate auto chiefs plead anew,” Dec. 5

I applaud the efforts of the Big Three American automakers to present plans for regaining financial health as a condition for collecting their bailout money.

My question is: Why didn't the Democratic Congress place similar requirements on AIG and Citicorp before handing them billions of our tax dollars?

Catherine Wirtz

Westlake Village

Rescue questioned

Re “Desperate auto chiefs plead anew,” Dec. 5

How ironic is the picture of General Motors Chief Executive Rick Wagoner exiting a Chevy Volt electric vehicle prototype. Weren't the automaker bigwigs, along with Big Oil, effectively responsible for killing the electric vehicle when it was just becoming a viable alternative?

What nerve they have to come hat in hand now to be rescued. The $34 billion they want would be better spent on building more mass transit and reducing our dependency on foreign oil.

Maureen Newlin

San Bernardino


Chrysler is owned by a group of investors looking for a financial windfall. Does anybody really believe the auto industry is more important to them than recouping their losses?

Bail out General Motors after bankruptcy, offer loan guarantees to Ford and let the Chrysler investors solve their problems with that fabulous executive ingenuity that enabled them to buy Chrysler for a song.

Harold Walter



Here's a novel solution to help solve the U.S. automakers' problems without taxpayer bailouts or disingenuous lawmakers posturing for the camera at Capitol Hill hearings: How about Americans buying American cars?