Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has had to send out multiple tweets letting users know that it's aware that its email service is not working properly for everyone. (Twitter / December 11, 2013)

Yahoo Mail users are complaining on Twitter that they've been unable to access their emails for multiple days, and it's unclear what is causing the issue or when it will be resolved.

In response to the complaints, Yahoo has also sent out a few tweets letting users know that it's aware of the issue and is working to resolve it.

"We're aware that some of our users are unable to access Yahoo Mail. We are aiming to restore all access by 1:30pm PT. Apologies," the company tweeted Tuesday afternoon. Yahoo has sent out more tweets since then saying it is still working on the problem.

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Some users have complained that they've been unable to access their messages for as long as three days.

"My email has been unavailable for the past 30 hours and is still down," said one Yahoo Mail user in an email to The Times. "Please, do you perhaps know what is going on???"

Other users have said similar things on Twitter.

At one point, Yahoo tweeted that users should be able to access their emails by using the Yahoo Mail smartphone app, but many users quickly refuted that claim.

Yahoo posted a blog on Tumblr apologizing for the issues. The company said it is working around the clock and expects the problem to be solved Wednesday by 3 p.m. PST.

[Updated 4:01 p.m. PST Dec. 11: Yahoo issued another update at 3:30 p.m. saying some users are still unable to access their email. The company said it is continuing to work hard and will update users again at 5 p.m. PST. Users can check for the update on the company's website.]


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