CJ: But I think we're conscious of that artistically, as well -- like, in designing props and the way the show is lit, I really want it to feel like those shows. Because having kids myself, I want them to like those kinds of shows. There was something to them. The heart of "Ark II" is great, what it was trying to do. But the execution maybe was a little bit weak.

It was certainly cheap.

IF: There was "Batman," too.

CJ: That wasn't cheap. And it looks amazing. That show is incredible.

Adam West is still the only Batman I really accept.

CJ: You watch "The Dark Night" and "Batman Begins," and you're like, "OK, this is pretty cool" -- then, you're like [snaps fingers], "Wait a second -- this could never happen. It's so illegal, what he's doing, and he would get hosed by a machine gun so fast, they would catch him so quickly." I love the "Batman" '66 because it's so aware of itself. It's so like, "Superheroes? They're pretty silly. Let's have fun."

I knew that show was a comedy, but I also watched it as a straight adventure. The same with "Get Smart" -- that was a spy show to me.

CJ: [Indicating Briggs]. Hymie the robot, right? "Get Smart," absolutely. You're watching it as it unfolds, not for laughs. "Batman," too, as a kid, you're watching the adventure. And every now and then you'd hear a laugh track and you'd think, "I think I'm supposed to laugh at this," but not know why.

How involved are you in the scripting?

CJ: It's pretty much us. I write a lot of the episodes, and Jason [deVilliers], our director, writes a lot. Matt Chapman [from "Yo Gabba Gabba!" and co-creator of the Web cartoon "Homestar Runner"] We've all taken stabs at punch ups. The first season we had a great guy named Dani Michaeli, who worked on "SpongeBob [SquarePants]" for many years that came in as our script editor, and he was basically just there to--

IF: --rein it in.

CJ: Rein in the madness.

IF: "Easy, guys."

CJ: We were just going crazy just sitting around in a room like this, just throwing ideas into the center. And he would just--

IF: --simplify things a little more.

CJ: --help keep the stories together. We learned a lot from Dani, and he really helped, you know, popcorn-ball the season into something that made sense.

It seems like you're working with your own established community.

CF: Yeah, like Joel.

JF: I saw the ["Yo Gabba Gabba!"] pilot when you put it online and I was like, "Oh, I should work on this show." And I sent an email and got an email back the next day that said, "You probably should."

CJ: It felt like we were a beacon to some interesting fellows -- and females, as well. It just seemed like there was this strange gathering that happened on "Gabba," and we moved with the gathering onto "Aquabats" -- and hopefully to other things. It just makes a lot of sense working together.