Three programs showcasing the Academy Award-nominated shorts in the categories of live action, animation and documentary. Multiple actors, writers and directors. Shorts HD

Run and Jump

When her husband suffers a stroke that alters his personality, a spirited wife and mother tries to hold her family together while hosting a strait-laced American doctor who intends to study her spouse's condition. With Maxine Peake, Edward MacLiam and Will Forte. Written by Ailbhe Keogan. Directed by Steph Green. Sundance Selects

Somewhere Slow

After witnessing a fatal convenience store robbery, a woman makes a split-second decision to walk out on her unfulfilled life, and along the way she encounters a teenage drifter on his own journey of self-discovery. With Jessalyn Gilsig, Graham Patrick Martin and Robert Forster. Written and directed by Jeremy O'Keefe. Screen Media

That Awkward Moment

Three best friends find themselves questioning where their recent relationships are headed. With Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Imogen Poots. Written and directed by Tom Gormican. Focus Features

The Wait

An enigmatic phone call from a psychic catapults the lives of two sisters grieving over their mother's death into chaos. With Jena Malone, Chloe Sevigny and Luke Grimes. Written and directed by M. Blash. Monterey Media

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Feb. 7

7 Boxes

In Paraguay, a 17-year-old wheelbarrow courier who dreams of fame takes on a delivery job promising a quick $100 only to get mixed up with thieves, rival gangs and the police. With Celso Franco, Victor Sosa and Lali Gonzalez. Written by Juan Carlos Maneglia. Directed by Maneglia and Tana Schembori. In Spanish with English subtitles. Breaking Glass Pictures

After the Dark

Faced with an impending nuclear apocalypse, 20 college students must determine which 10 of them will take shelter underground to repopulate the human race, and their decision process quickly turns deadly. With James D'Arcy, Bonnie Wright and Sophie Lowe. Written and directed by John Huddles. Phase 4 Films


Fed up with one-night stands and empty relationships, a Los Angeles playboy tries to find real love for the first time, with help from his 9-year-old nephew and his best friend. With Skylar Astin, Camilla Belle and Alexis Knapp. Written and directed by Herschel Faber. Well Go USA

In Bloom

Two 14-year-old girls come of age in Tbilisi, the capital of the newly independent Georgia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. With Lika Babluani and Mariam Bokeria. Written by Nana Ekvtimishvili. Directed by Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross. In Georgian with English subtitles. Big World Pictures