Every contest KY3 Inc runs has winners, sometimes lots of them! Here is where you can search for your name once a contest is over. If you see your name and haven't been contacted, feel free to contact us at digitalmediadepartment@ky3.com or 417-268-3000.There may be someone else out there with your name, but mistakes can happen too. Thanks and good luck!

 Rosati's Free Pizza for a Year contest (Sep. 18 - Oct. 16)

  • Amanda Bouse

Welk Resort Getaway VIP Contest

  • Sandra Criss

World's of Fun Haunt Giveaway (Sep. 6 - Sep. 23)

  • Dolores Pohl
  • Kristy Sawyer
  • Jane Owens

Karen's Pumpkin Patch Contest (Sep. 5 - Sep. 26)

  • Kim Patterson

Oak Ridge Boys America VIP Giveaway

  • Rita Kirkpatrick

Pierce Arrow Facebook Fan Contest (Aug. 15 - Sep. 12)

  • Grand Prize: Michael Bahl
  • Cyndi McDaniel
  • Stephanie Bridges
  • Christine Allen

Haunted Hollow Trick or Treat Ticket Giveaway (Sep. 4 - Oct. 16)