A new women's clinic that offers abortion services is set to open in Wichita next week.  The clinic is in the same building that was once run by slain abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.

The founder of the Southwind Women's Center tells Eyewitness News it's "highly likely" the clinic will open next week.

Anti-abortion activists get ready to resume protests outside the clinic Dr. George Tiller used to run. 

Neighbors are resigned to the return of protesters.  Many have lived in the neighborhood for years and know exactly what to expect.  But there've also been a few changes since Dr. Tiller's clinic closed shortly after his death in 2009.

Dr. Tiller's clinic became nationally known during massive demonstrations more than two decades ago.

"We've never had a problem with the clinic," said Laura Harper, who lives just down the street from the clinic building. "But it's been the protesters that have caused problems."

Harper has seen what that means for her community.

"It's more been noise and increased traffic," she said.

After Tiller's death the clinic closed and the protesters left.  Until next week, when the new Southwind Women's Center expects to re-open in the same location.  The new clinic plans to provide abortions along with other OB/GYN services. 

"We just think the whole thing is doomed to failure," said Cheryl Sullenger with Operation Rescue.  The anti-abortion activist group says it will be there... until the new clinic closes, which they don't think will take long.  "And we'll take whatever steps we would take anywhere else to make sure that the abortions stop."

But their methods have changed a bit over the years.

"Standing on the street corner with a bloody baby sign may be what people expect from us," said Sullenger.  "And there may be a time and a place for that.  But we believe that the efforts that we're working right now will be more effective."

Operation Rescue is trying to use Kansas laws to make it impossible for the clinic to provide abortions.

"We are committed to bringing women's reproductive health care, that's full spectrum OB/GYN care, to this facility here in Wichita," said Julie Burkhart, Southwind's owner. 

Burkhart worked for Dr. Tiller.  She knows what to expect.  Last month she discussed her plans for the clinic with Eyewitness News, including security concerns.

"Well, we take safety very seriously.  There have been moments when I've been scared, that's for sure," said Burkhart. "And I think there have been moments when staff here has been fearful as well."

The Southwind Women's Center will have its own security guards and is in close contact with Wichita Police.

Meanwhile, Harper hopes changes in her neighborhood made since the old clinic closed will keep the problems to a minimum.

"But there is no parking on this part of the streets," said Harper.  "So, they have to park elsewhere.  So that helps decrease the traffic."

Doctors at this new clinic will not perform late-term abortions.  But anti-abortion activists say they'll be there at long as there are any abortions being performed.

Clinic offering abortions set to open in Wichita next week