John Keenan

John Keenan

I met John Keenan three years ago while I was performing at the yearly awards for Oxford Houses. John says a lot of inspiration for his music comes from his own struggles with alcoholism and having faith. So, what are we waiting for?? Time for you guys to “meet” John:


How long have you been playing music/what got you started?

                 I took a lot of piano lessons as a kid but really got into my music around 1998. I started buying equipment and eventually fell into making instrumentals. I was originally the producer for my brothers "rapping." 


What's your first memory of a musical experience?

                 It was one of my first memories in my life. I heard Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and came in from outside in awe. I was probably three. 


What would you describe as your sound?

                 "Rap" music for people who don't listen to or like rap. 


What are some of your main influences? 


                I'm a giant fan of Steely Dan, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Stevie Wonder, 80's, just about everything except rap actually. I don't listen to much rap, just make it, kinda strange. 


What's your favorite place to play at in Kansas and why? 

                 I'm from Great Bend so, home. 


What are some of your upcoming performances?

                 I have a show Thursday Aug. 4th at The Spotlight and Friday Aug. 5 at Club Tabu.