Paul Savage

Paul Savage

Name: Paul Savage

Office Sought: Wichita City Council - District 2

Publisher of the Wichita Apartment Guide / Real Estate Investor / Wichita Wild football coach / sports talk show host, KGSO 1410 AM
President, Wichita Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Previous office experience: None

Why are you running for office?: I love Wichita. I've lived in Wichita my entire life, I've raised my family in Wichita and I've run our family business as publisher of the Wichita Apartment Guide for the last 35 years. I have lived in District two for 34 years. I have a passion for Wichita and the people. I've shown my passion for Wichita by founding the Wichita Sports Hall of Fame and Museum as a gift to the people of Wichita. Now I want to use my experience as a small businessman to help move Wichita though these difficult economic times.

What's your top priority if you are elected?:
1)  JOBS! We must find and recruit more business to come to Wichita and retain jobs in Wichita. Also, we must attract more conventions to Wichita. More conventions means new money being spent in Wichita and that means more jobs and secure jobs. The funds should be shifted within Economic Development and Conventions and Tourism and their funds be will prioritized for the recruiting of businesses and conventions.
2) I will oppose any effort to raise taxes. Long term, lower taxes will mean more overall income from increased business activity, recruitment of businesses and the jobs they bring.
3) Attracting Southwest Airlines to Mid-Continent Airport. New business, existing business, and convention business needs Southwest Airlines as a major building block for Wichita's growth. Funding will come from a commitment to affordable air service from the Kansas Legislature, a portion of the hotel tax and airport user fees.   

Tell us one idea you have to save the city money:

City and County consolidation is one area where lots of  money can be saved. There are many places the city and county can save money, such as joint purchasing of supplies, general administration, Wichita police and sheriff’s department, city and county fire fighting. Water, sewer, flood control and animal control can at least be partially consolidated if there is an overlap. Also, legal departments, city and county maintence can be partially consolidated just to name a few places where consolidation will work. Indianapolis, for example, has combined their city and county into one called Unigov for nearly 40 years. There was a task force almost 20 years ago to totally combine Wichita and Sedgwick County. However, the smaller cities in the county blocked any consensus. So it is working well in other places and perhaps the time has come for it to work in Wichita and Sedgwick County to save money.