Kansas redistricting caused confusions for lawmakers and the courts.

And more than a month after the general election, it's still creating some confusion for voters too.

A viewer named "Dave" from Comanche County says he's having trouble emailing his new congressman.

Every time he types his zip code into Rep. Mike Pompeo's website, a message comes up saying the zip code falls in another district.

Dave is among the thousands of Kansas voters who changed voting districts this year.  He switched from congressional district 1 to congressional district 4.

The redistricting changes were made before for the November election, which means Pompeo's name appeared on Dave's ballot.   However, Tim Huelskamp remains his representative, for now.

Here's the explanation from Pompeo's office:

Even though the change was reflected on the ballot, it doesn't become official until the new congress is sworn in January 3rd. 

That is why Dave kept getting the message.  Members of congress aren't allowed to contact  constituents outside their district.

The change for state representatives and senators will take effect January 14th.

Redistricting still causing voter confusion