Just when you thought there were enough efforts to try and keep the Kings in Sacramento, another gets added to the mix.

On Tuesday night KHTK radio personality Carmichael Dave kicked of #Herewebuild on his Twitter page. The idea is to raise money to build a new stadium for the Kings. Between 8:00pm-12:00am he was able to raise $100,000 in pledges. Though the number is a far and away from the estimated $2 million price tag for a new stadium; Dave is pushing on.

Less than eight hours later, six electronic billboards were sporting the #Herewebuild message. The signs were certainly up in a jiffy, which makes sense considering who’s behind them.

Jiffy Lube actually donated $30,000 to the #Herewebuild cause; along with the billboards. Jiffy Lube marketing director, Matt Graham, said the reason for the donation was simple, “A lot of our employees and our customers are big fans of the Kings, as well as other pro sports.”

While the effort is good it may be too late for some fans.

“I don’t care if they stay or if they go,” said Linda Henegar.

Rick Garza said he’s, “Definitely sad, upset that they’re leaving.”

Former Kings fan Mike Sommer has written off the team entirely, “I threw away my rubber finger. My number one that said, ‘Go Kings’.” When asked how he disposed of the finger Sommer said, “It was unceremonious.”

So what happens to the money if the Kings leave? Dave said it would still go to a new stadium that will hopefully entice a new pro-team to move to Sacramento.

Graham thinks it’s a good plan. “This groundswell that’s going with social media right now with #Herewebuild it definitely puts a footprint for Sacramento on the map,” said Graham.