Bail was set at $30 million dollars for Phillip Garrido, the man accused of kidnapping and raping Jaycee Lee Dugard. Dugard was 11 years old when she was snatched from a Lake Tahoe street in 1991while on her way to school. She was found last month, 18 years later. Police say in that time, she gave birth to two daughters fathered by Garrido, aged 11 and 15.

Investigators say Garrido's wife, Nancy Garrido, helped him. Nancy Garrido is being held with no bail. Both are charged with a total of 29 counts of rape, lewd acts with a child and false imprisonment. Defense attorneys revealed in court that numerous law enforcement agencies are seeking to interview the Garridos in connection with numerous unsolved missing people and murder cases.

"There are significant number of law enforcement agencies that are looking at these two individuals for a number of different things," said El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson.