It’s no secret California lawmakers are making tough decisions to balance the state’s budget, and now their cuts could impact your vacation plans.

California State Parks announced Friday a plan to close up to 70 of their 278 parks around the state. The closures will translate to a $11 million reduction for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, and another $22 million the next year.

State Parks used information from three areas to decide which parks should close, including protecting significant natural and cultural resources, maintaining public access and revenue generation, and protect closed parks so they can remain usable to future visitors.

Despite the large number of parks slated to close, State Parks say the remaining parks make up 92% of current attendance and 94% of current revenue generation.

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The following parks are slated to close in the next two years:

Anderson Marsh SHP

Annadel SP

Antelope Valley Indian Museum

Austin Creek SRA

Bale Grist Mill SHP

Benbow Lake SRA

Benicia Capitol SHP

Benicia SRA

Bidwell Mansion SHP

Bothe-Napa Valley SP

Brannan Island SRA

California Mining & Mineral Museum

Candlestick Point SRA