We're trying to put Sacramento on the map, because it literally isn't there.

That's right, the Wall Street Journal -- the be-all, end-all of business publications -- doesn't bother to put Sacramento on its weather map.

For millions of business readers everyday looking at where to put their corporate headquarters, Sacramento's gorgeous weather and perfect location don't even get a dot.

Sacramento is the 20th largest media market in the nation, yet we're not on the WSJ map. Every other top market is there, plus dozens of smaller markets. Even Eugene, Oregon makes it, at market 119. Yep, that's an area that is 99 market sizes smaller, and they're on the map, and not Sacto.

Topeka, Kansas? Yep, they're on the map too, though at market 136, they're 116 markets smaller. Topeka has 180,090 TV households. Sacramento has 1,404,580, or nearly eight times the population.

And editors, don't tell us we're too close to San Francisco to fit the words on the map. Both Dallas and Fort Worth make it on the map, even though they're the exact same media market. Why Fort Worth needs a dot next to Dallas' dot, I have no idea. Maybe people in Texas lack the geography skills that Sacramentans have developed to approximate our location along the temperature gradients and low pressure system diagrams.

Calls to the WSJ seeking some editorial justification for this error have not been returned.

This morning, Mayor Kevin Johnson and FOX40's Ama Daetz discussed this issue, and Mayor Johnson is joining our campaign to fix this egregious meteorological and geographical omission.

Sacramentans, we have a task before us that will help our community. Tell the Wall Street Journal to put us on the map.

Johnson will reach out to Rupert Murdoch, because that's how good his contacts are. You and I should reach out to the editors. Here are their email addresses:

Alan Murray Executive Editor a.murray@wsj.com

Almar Latour Managing Editor a.latour@wsj.com

Dave Pettit Deputy Managing Editor dave.pettit@wsj.com

Kevin Delaney Deputy Managing Editor kevin.delaney@dowjones.com

Darren McDermott Senior Editor darren.mcdermott@wsj.com