Sacramento's LGBT community has rallied in support of Francis House, the non-denominational agency that provides support for the homeless and the down-and-out.

The Sacramento Catholic Diocese decided to redirect funding to the agency because its executive director is vocal in her support of abortion rights and gay marriage.

The Rev. Faith Whitmore has been on the job less than a year, but the United Methodist Minister espouses views that clash with the Catholic Church.  The diocese raises $3 million each year from church members to fund a hundred non-profit service agencies, like Francis House.

"We don't expect all of them to promote Catholic teaching, but what we do expect is that they don't actively oppose Catholic teaching," said Kathy Conner, the Chancellor for the Diocese.

Whitmore says she was surprised by the decision.

"I've been public in some of my views and convictions, but I have never spoken on behalf of those issues as Executive Director of Francis House," said Whitmore. 

The Francis House Board is backing Whitmore.

The split was amicable, with the Diocese praising the work of Francis House and saying it respects the right of Whitmore to express her views, but Conner says donors expect them to vet the agencies that receive their money and make sure they're in alignment with church views.

But the members of the LGBT community were offended.

"It hurts me that the Catholic Church has done this," said Ken Pierce, President of Equality Action Now. Pierce volunteers at Francis House.

"They didn't ask me if I was gay, they didn't ask my political views, they asked me how am I able to help," said Pierce.

Two dozen supporters gathered at the Gay and Lesbian Center including several local church leaders.

"It's essential that religious groups look beyond our doctrinal differences and come together for the needs of those who are struggling," said Brian Baker, Dean at Trintiy Episcopal Cathedral.

The money that was redirected amounts to just under $10,000 which is less than two percent of the Francis House budget.  But supporters vowed to help raise extra money for the service agency that helps up to 25,000 homeless and needy individuals and families.

"We in the LGBT Community are going to step up as best they can," said Pierce.

The Diocese said it will continue to fund numerous agencies that serve the poor and homeless.