Wednesday night would have been the Kings home opener at Power Balance Pavilion.

FOX40 visited businesses in the shadow of the arena between the hours of 5 and 7:00 p.m. Restaurants that would normally be crowded with fans were half full at best. The cashier at SWS Wine and Liquor misses the fans who would come in to stock up for their tailgate parties.

The lockout also affects about 700 Power Balance Pavilion employees who depend on games for work. The Kings front office is still open. Staff members there are busy coming up with creative ways to keep fans excited about Kings basketball.

"We recently launched our fan appreciation series which was designed to demonstrate our thankfulness to the fans for their patience and support throughout the lockout." explained Kings Director of Public Relations Chris Clark. Wednesday night, season ticket holders were treated to a conditioning workout with Kings coaches at the team's practice facility.

Fans can check for other special events during the lockout.