Roseville Police officers had their hands full this April Fools Day tracking down two emergency calls that turned out to be pranks.

The first caller reported that a man was actively shooting on the campus of Roseville High School and there was a pipe bomb near the cafeteria, according to police.  Dispatchers say they could hear gun fire in the background of the call.

“It kind of used a lot of our time and resources in order to clear the campus where they have said there was somebody shooting on campus,” said Sgt. Darin Defreece of the Roseville Police Department.

Officers had no choice but to take the caller at his word. They cleared the scene knowing the call was a hoax. Neighbors think they saw every officer in Roseville respond to the 911 call. The area was on lockdown for nearly two hours.

Officers cleared the high school, knowing the 911 call was probably a bad April Fools' joke.

The call was traced to a 30-year-old autistic man from Virginia, known by authorities in that state to for pulling such pranks. Officers in that state are helping the Roseville Police Department with the possible arrest and prosecution of the suspect. Police are not releasing his name at this point.

A caller also reported a bomb at a Walmart on Pleasant Grove Road. Officers determined that call was another hoax.

They are trying to determine if the calls are related.

“I think it’s disgusting. I think people ought to grow up,” said Kim Purvis, a Wal-Mart customer.