111 min. Rated R

Directed by David Gordon Green

(Snow Angels, George Washington, Undertow)

I don't know if I really wanted to get high while watching this movie, or really wanted swear off pot for the rest of my life, and the lives of everyone else on this planet. However, sending conflicting messages about marijuana doesn't stop this movie from being a complete riot... from time to time.

So, Seth Rogen is a process server, and while trying to "serve" Gary Cole with a subpoena, he witnesses a murder. Like a high idiot, he tosses his "roach" in the street and frantically peels away from the scene crashing into 2 cars on the way out. The problem is, that the joint he was smoking was some of the rarest in the world, hence easy to trace. So Rogen goes back to his pot-dealer, played hysterically by James Franco, and convinces him to go on the run from the ensuing doom that is sure to come in the form of 2 hit men, who are just to the right of the "Keystone Cops."

The movie's comedy comes in all forms, from great dialogue that is both subtle and in your face at the same time, to loads of pop culture references, sight gags, and physical humor. Yet, I suppose the real trick here was that even in the immense violence in the film, was funny... People die. People get shot, stabbed, run over, blown to bits, and yet, it remains funny. Even without the aids of Mary Jane or anything else to impact the senses.

It's somewhat of a rarity ... a stoner movie, where you don't need to be stoned to like it. I'd imagine those who partook in that particular recreational activity before the film might have gotten a few more laughs out of it, but that's not what makes or breaks the movie. If you hate pot, and think that all of it and everyone who used it are wrong or evil, you might think this to be the worst movie in years... Either that... or bring the children into the room and say, "Look kids... see what happens when you smoke the marijuana?"

Whatever your politics though, this film is at times, hilarious; featuring some big time laughs and surprisingly descent action sequences. While the subject matter might be weak, the messages mixed, and the plot contrived, the core of the film remains intact: it's entertaining. After all, a movie does not have to be good, to be enjoyable.


Pineapple Express Stars:

Seth Rogen, James Franco, Rosie Perez, Kevin Corrigan, Gary Cole, Danny R. McBride, & Ed Begley Jr.

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