It was no surprise that Kings fans packed the team’s downtown draft lottery party on Wednesday night. 

Also not a surprise: their frustration, still aimed at the Maloof family over the failed downtown arena project.

“Like most fans, I’m not happy with them,” stated Kings fan Robert Bernstein.  “They were supposed to sign onto the deal.  They backed out though late in the game.  They’ve talked about leaving.  They don’t have enough money to buy the right players.”

Even with Gavin Maloof in attendance, most fans made it clear they were there to support the team, not necessarily the owners.

“I’m still trying to decide what to do about my season tickets for next season,” explained Flo Griffin.  “I think many of us want to still show their support for the team while they are still here.”

“We’ve been through ups and downs, but everyone is still standing,” explained Gavin Maloof.  “We are still here.”

The Kings will have the fifth pick at the upcoming NBA draft.