Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said Thursday it is up to owner Lew Wolff to decide whether to consider additional sites for a new ballpark for the Athletics

Wolff maintains he’s focused on San Jose (the Giants are preventing the A’s from building there, claiming territorial rights) rather than move outside the Bay Area, but Selig didn’t seem as convinced, as long as they were granted approval from Major League Baseball.

“It depends where they’d be.  They could be all over the world, for that matter,” Selig said.  “They need approval.  We have to go through an approval process.  It just depends on where they’re moving to.”

Sacramento has long had a flirtation with bringing the A’s to the River City.  And now with the latest downtown arena project dead in the water, a downtown ballpark instead of an arena might be the saving-grace for Mayor Kevin Johnson

The Mayor, who was once drafted by the Oakland A’s, has always been behind bringing Major League Baseball to Sacramento. 

“It’s probably time for us to accelerate some of those conversations around baseball in a real way,” Johnson told the Sacramento Bee’s Ryan Lillis earlier this week.