Mother of three kids, Renee Miramontes had a close call with a lightning bolt.

When this weekend's storm hit, Renee says she ran onto the field at Stockton's Regional Sports Complex to pick up some of her daughter's softball equipment.

"I was around a lot of metal, and I shouldn't have been." She says she got a big shock, felt numbness, and couldn't feel her left arm.

Renee feels lucky to be alive. Her husband of 17 years, Daniel says he can't imagine losing her.

He says, "I'm very happy, she's still here. I feel very lucky and very fortunate."

San Joaquin County Medic, David Durand says to avoid getting electrocuted, everyone needs to stay away from trees, poles, and even umbrellas. His best advice is to stay indoors when the storm strikes.

As for Renee, her close call didn't end up hurting her health.

"I feel good. I just went to the doctor today. My blood pressure and heart are normal. The numbness and pain in my arm is gone."