A group notorious for picketing various political events tied with the gay community as well as the funerals of deceased American soldiers will be making a pit stop in Sacramento and Davis this week.

The Westboro Baptist Church, which runs the websites GodHatesFags.com, will protest at two Sacramento high schools -- Rosemont High and McClatchy High -- as well as several Jewish places of worship and the Sacramento Community Theatre's showing of the Broadway musical "Rent" on February 5th.

According to the organization's website, McClatchy High and Rosemont High were chosen as protest sites during the group's stop in Sacramento due to the school's alleged support of President Obama and the presence of a gay-straight alliance organization on one school's campus.

"We will give your children an opportunity to see what the truth looks like," a press release found on the church's website reads. "You corrupt your children from the womb, so God has given you violent, freakish, worthless, brute-beast children."

The campus of the University of California at Davis will also be a location for protests by the Westboro Baptist Church Friday afternoon.

The group's main purpose for visiting Sacramento is to protest the California Musical Theatre's performance of the Broadway musical "Rent" at the Sacramento Community Theatre on February 5th. The show is scheduled to be in Sacramento from February 3rd to 7th. "Rent" deals with several themes, including homosexuality and the AIDS epidemic.

In addition to the protests planned for the performance of "Rent" and the three school campuses, the organization also plans to demonstrate outside several places of worship for the Jewish community. Since the fatal shootings outside the US Holocaust Museum in June of last year, the Westboro Baptist Church has set it sights on picketing in front of various Jewish places of worship throughout the country, alleging the Jewish community as being one of the largest supporters of homosexual rights in the country.

Assemblyman Craig DeLuz plans on holding a counter-demonstration against the Westboro Baptist Church Saturday in the form of prayer on the day of the Jewish Sabath.

"I strongly encourage Mr. Phelps and his supporters to find someplace else to peddle their particular brand of hatred and bigotry," Assemblyman DeLuz wrote in an e-mail newsletter released Monday morning. "There is no place in our state for these actions."

Prior to Sacramento, the Westboro Baptist Church held demonstrations in San Francisco and Dallas.