Update at 11:50am: A collision has been reported on the Rocklin Road onramp to westbound Interstate 80. Additionally, roadway flooding has been reported at Vintage Park Drive at Waterman Road and on Interstate 5 at Q Street.

Update at 11:45am: Five schools are being forced to shut down for the day within the Twin Rivers Unified School District. Rio Linda Elementary, Rio Linda Junior High, Rio Linda High, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary and Westside Elementary Schools are letting out class early for the day due to power outages. Parents or family members must visit the schools to pick students up until buses can be dispatched to the schools to send students home.

Update at 11:40am: We're monitoring several media websites to bring you the latest information. The Stockton Record is reporting 1 to 2 inches have already fallen in portions of the San Joaquin Valley. Wind gusts at the Stockton Airport hit 38 miles per hour just before 8am. Check out the latest information from The Stockton Record.

Update at 11:30am: East Modesto is experiencing some power outages, and a tree fell near a classroom at Josephine Chrysler School. The tree damaged a rain gutter; children at the school are safe. The Modesto Police Department is scattered responding to several reports of downed trees. "Trees are down everywehre," Modesto Police Department's Scott Blom told The Modesto Bee. FOX40 and The Modesto Bee are teaming up to bring you the latest news on the storm. Click here for the latest updates from ModBee.com.

Update at 11:25am: FOX40 News is sending a crew to the scene of a power failure at 16th and Q Streets in Downtown Sacramento. Reports suggest a fallen tree may have taken out some power lines.

Update at 11:20am: Not more than two minutes after our last update, the wife of FOX40's assignment desk manager Ron Lopez snapped a photo of some damage from Elk Grove. Here's the photo Emily sent in -- you can send us your photos to youreport@fox40.com:

Remember, stay safe when shooting photos.

Update at 11:18am: Trees are one of the largest hazards people both in homes and on the roads are facing with this storm. Reports of fallen trees are coming in from all over -- Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Vacaville and other places. Here's a photo FOX40 viewer "Ed" snapped at his apartment complex off I-5 at West El Camino Avenue:

Update at 11:10am: Residents are up to their waist in water at an apartment complex on O Street in Antioch, according to Twitter user Apollosfyre.

Update at 11:00am: Though this is the least of our worries at the moment, but CalTrans has delayed the Highway 99 repavement due to the storm. In addition, SMUD's power outage map has been taken offline and replaced with the following message: "Due to the severity of the current storm, online outage reports are currently unavailable. We will reinstate the information as quickly as we can."

Update at 10:50am: PG&E is reporting 9 power outages in Fairfield affecting over 500 customers, 6 outages in Winters, 3 outages in Dixon, 8 outages in Esparto, 14 outages in Woodland, 12 outages in Davis and 16 outages in West Sacramento.

Here is a photo FOX40 assignment editor Kathy Escobar sent from Elk Grove:

Update at 10:45am: Several big rig accidents, including one at Seamas Avenue on Nortbound Interstate 5. Officials think they'll have that cleared up by noon. Traffic is slow in both directions on Interstate 5 between Interstate 80 and Highway 50. FOX40 News is sending a crew to Vacaville as well.

Update at 10:38am: Hearing reports that all four lanes of the "Boat" section on Interstate 5 at P Street have been closed due to street flooding.

Updated at 10:30am: More than 8,000 customers are without power in more than 100 locations serviced by SMUD, and PG&E is reporting more than 17,000 customers without power in the greater Sacramento area. An overturned big rig is causing problems on Interstate 5 near Laguna Boulevard, ambulance responding. Massive street flooding has been reported on the Cap City Freeway near E Street. In Stockton, there are reports of several trees down.

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