Plastic is out. Recyclable bags are in. But you gotta pay.

Shoppers sounded off.

"I think it's crazy. They make enough money as it is."

"This'll be one more store I'm not going to go to. This is lovely."

"I just can't see with all the cutbacks spending money on bags. I work for the state so I know about cutbacks. And I don't wanna pay money for bags. So I'll do it the hard way," Walmart shopper Julie Mackey said. "They'll be lucky if I if I come back to Walmart."

"I might shop somewhere else if I have to pay, or bring my own," fellow shopper, Althea Doll said. "But I'm not paying for the bags."

Some don't mind paying 15 or 50 cents per bag. But it's about the practicality of it.

"I don't need it. I need it just to bring it home. Then I threw it out. Why I have to buy it?" wondered Eugene Tymoshenko, as he pushed a cart full of unbagged groceries in his cart.

It was déjà vu for Julie Zhurko, who went through this 15 years ago, in her homeland of Russia. But it's also a bit of bashfulness.

"It's not about bringing them back. I'll remember to bring them back. It's too embarrassing walking into the store with bags," Zhurko said.

There are others who feel the blue, it actually about being green.

"It cuts down on trees. And all that stuff and I'm totally for it," Walmart patron Bianca Carson said.

Wednesday night, this trio did it the hard way - piled a load of loose groceries in the back of their SUV.

"Actually, this is our first time coming shopping since that happened. We had no idea... When she told us, we're like are you just outta bags? Are you for real?" shopper Karissa Garcia said. "Yeah, we'll be more prepared next time."

"Bring a little bit more money to pay for bags," her friend added.

Walmart released a statement Thursday morning regarding the change.

"As part of a reusable bag test program, Walmart has removed the plastic bags from three stores in Northern California (Folsom, Ukiah and Citrus Heights) and is testing a new, lower cost reusable bag in those stores. Walmart has committed to reducing its global plastic bag waste by one-third by the end of 2013 -- this test could help us make progress towards this goal. This test is about finding new ways to reduce our plastic bag waste and understand our customers' needs and interest in reusable bags."