What started as a small protest at Mruk Hall on the campus of UC Davis Thursday afternoon turned into a massive police operation against students, resulting in more than 50 arrests.

Officers from UC Davis campus police, Yolo County Sheriff's Department and the Sacramento Police Department were called to the campus of UC Davis shortly after 9:00pm after hundreds of assembled student protesters refused to leave Mruk Hall. The location had been the site of a relatively uneventful protest for much of Thursday until officers arrived, requesting students disperse.

When students refused, officers began forcefully removing them from the building. Several students told FOX40 News it was their intention to be arrested.

"I'm doing it for my younger brother," one student told FOX40's Ben Deci.

"There are a lot of people in my class that wont' be there next year, or even next semester," another student said.

Students from all 10 University of California campuses were urged to protest a new 32% fee hike approved by the UC Board of Regents Thursday. Over the past two days, the largest protests have occurred on the campuses of UC Los Angeles and UC Berkeley.

One student told FOX40.com those two locations were chosen by students strategically to create the largest two demonstrations. FOX40.com's sister-station KTLA-TV reported seeing several UC Davis students demonstrating on the campus of UC Los Angeles.

Other UC Davis students chose to carpool to nearby UC Berkeley, where a relatively loud demonstration has swamped the campus over the past two days.

However, Thursday evening's demonstration at UC Davis resulted in the most student arrests out of all protests held over the past three days. By daybreak, more than 20 students and one UC Davis professor were still in custody at a campus detention center.