The explosion in San Bruno brings back memories for people living in a Rancho Cordova neighborhood where, almost two year ago, a blast killed one man and injured others.

"I feel for them. I understand how that is," says Charles Wheeler, feeling for the victims in San Bruno.

In 2008, state regulators inspected a leaky PG&E pipeline in Rancho Cordova that had been repaired, and found that the company wasn't properly training its workers to recognize potentially dangerous leaks.

PG&E agreed to update its safety training, and a deadline was set for Dec. 31, 2008.

On Christmas Eve, the pipeline exploded, killing a 72-year-old man and injuring five others. An NTSB final report on the blast concluded that PG&E used a wrong pipe to repair the gas line two years before and that residents had reported a gas smell before the explosion.

In response to the findings, the company said it had taken "extraordinary measures" to ensure a blast like that wouldn't happen again.

Since the blast, many of the neighbors affected have moved out. A new owner has re-built on the lot where the home exploded.

"New houses built. New people moving in. After a disaster such as that's just nice to be normal," says Wheeler.