Outside the neighborhood where Sandra Cantu lived, Orchard Estates in Tracy, police officers were asking the media not to go in, and neighbors were apprehensive to react on-camera to Melissa Huckaby's sentencing Monday.

Except Coleen Toon.

"Today is a day...Melissa Huckaby gets the justice done that she deserves," says Toon.

On summer days like this, Sandra Cantu isn't at the pool with her sister like it used to be. That's a memory Toon will miss.

"When I first moved here three years ago, Sandra was the first person that I met, and she would knock on my door almost everyday and wanted to know if I needed help with anything," recalls Toon.

Everybody in the neighborhood knew Sandra. Since her murder back in March 2009, Toon says people in the neighborhood have changed and grown closer. But at the church down the street where Sandra went with her family, neighbors say they don't see too many people anymore.

"It would be really nice if this was the end and there's closure. But, unfortunately, for us in here, we won't ever have any closure. It's not something that you can ever forget."