Three media outlets, including the Stockton Record newspaper, are attempting to persuade a judge to drop a gag order currently preventing details from the Melissa Huckaby case from being released.

On Monday, Huckaby plead guilty to kidnapping and murdering 8-year-old Sandra Cantu of Tracy in March 2009. The guilty plea came as part of an agreement in which Huckaby will spend a lifetime sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

All other charges -- including rape and drugging charges -- against Huckaby were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Despite the guilty plea, a gag order executed by a judge last year is still in place. The gag order prevents those directly involved in the criminal case from speaking to reporters and keeps certain documents from becoming public.

Three media outlets -- the Associated Press, the Bay Area News Group and the Stockton Record newspaper -- have filed motions with the San Joaquin County Superior Court seeking to have the gag order lifted.

"The justifications that may have once warranted a gag order in this case, and the sealing of court records, no longer exist," the motion read according to the Record.

Currently, the gag order stands in the Huckaby case until the former Sunday school teacher is sentenced in June.