FOX40 News has learned a local graduate student is among those missing following a massive earthquake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

According to officials with the University of California at Davis, Graduate Student Starry Dawn Sprenkle has been named as a missing individual after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the capitol city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

A page on the UC Davis website says Sprenkle "continues to work with grass-roots agroforesty projects in Haiti, and is interested in the interface between ecology, environmental restoration and sustainable development in the developing world."

The website lists Sprenkle as a graduate student involved with the university's department of plant sciences.

UC Davis Professor Kevin Rice said the last information he received suggested Sprenkle was not killed by the earthquake and was actively searching for her husband, a doctor in Port-au-Prince, before the quake. Rice said a message circulating on Facebook suggested Sprenkle and her daughter were doing well.

However, UC Davis Public Information Officer Sylvia Wright said Sprenkle's family last heard from Starry at 1:53pm by text message. Wright said there's no official information suggesting Sprenkle and her family are currently alive in Haiti.

According to Wright, Sprenkle lives with her daughter in the city of Deschappelle, a two-hour drive from Port-au-Prince.

According to her profile, Sprenkle has been involved in ecology projects in Haiti since October 2005 in which she assisted in the planting and growing of trees in the region. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2003 and started her graduate studies at UC Davis with an expectation of completion in 2012.

On Tuesday, the Haitian city Port-au-Prince was rocked by a massive earthquake registering a magnitude of 7.0. Haiti's Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said a preliminary estimate of damage and casualties led him to believe more than 100,000 people could have perished as a result of the earthquake.