Noel and Derek Vandeviver are in one of the toughest positions any parent can face -- the uncertainty as to the whereabouts and the fate of their 2-year-old adopted son, Christopher.

Christopher is a Haitian orphan living on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, a region in devastation following a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Since the earthquake rocked Haiti Tuesday, the Vandevivers have been in the dark as to the well-being of young Christopher.

"There was no information from our orphanage at all last night," Noel Vandeviver told FOX40's Mark Demsky Wednesday evening. "When we went to bed, we had no news whatsoever."

When the Vandevivers awoke the next day, some promising -- yet, unofficial -- news from Haiti.

"This morning...I heard that a third party has reported that our orphanage building is still standing and the children are okay," Noel Vandeviver said.

But that news is little comfort to the Vandevivers, who say officials have still been unable to make contact with the orphanage.

"Getting that third-party confirmation didn't really help that much," Derek Vandeviver said. "Until we hear from the people who run the orphanage, it's kind of hard to know things are right."

The Vandevivers had expected to bring 2-year-old Christopher home by Christmas of this year. Now, those plans are in question given the devastation in Haiti. There is a chance that the Vandevivers may be able to obtain a refugee passport for Christopher given the situation in Haiti, but those plans are on hold until they know their little boy is safe and sound.