"She was my best friend, my next-door-neighbor," said Chere Briesemeister, about her friend, who died in a mobile home fire Saturday evening.

"The interior suffered heavy fire damage in the living room, dining room, kitchen area," Sac Metro Asst. Fire Chief Brian Rice said.

It was too much for the elderly woman, who lived alone in a Liberty Bell Lane mobile home. Friends identified her as Louise Carlysle.

"As they arrived, went into the rescue operation. Unfortunately, they found the victim, who was deceased inside the building," Rice recounted.

As far as what caused this devastating fire...

"Right now, we don't know. We'll find the reason, we'll find the cause, but it's going to take us some time to complete our investigation," the assistant fire chief said.

For Briesemeister, she believes it wasn't the fire that killed her friend.

"I knew she wasn't feeling well. Took her shopping yesterday. And she described heart attack to me, I thought it was," she said. "She was probably (already) gone. Because guy that did the lawn tried to get payment. And other people tried to call her. She didn't do that, so. I believe that she was already gone. She's so careful. So careful."

"It's a sad thing. It's the holiday season," Rice said. "It's tough. I know how hard it is on our end. I can't imagine what it's like for the family. So our hearts go out to them."