Major League Baseball players made a stop in Sacramento as the World Series is in full swing.

Dusty Baker, former San Francisco Giants manager hosted a World Series party at Shenanigans in Downtown Sacramento.

The last time Baker was with the Giants, the team was in the World Series. He is the current Cincinnati Reds manager. Baker is from Sacramento, he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves from Del Campo High in 1967.

During Saturday's party, Dusty invited ten other major leaguers to join him for a fundraiser supporting kids sports teams and helping keep physical education programs alive in schools. Some of the major leaguers who showed up for support include Derrek Lee, Ryan Royster, Jerry Royster, Jerry Manuel, Rowland Office, Ricky Jordan, Greg Vaughn, Cory Vaughn, Ryan Scoma, and Vinny Catricala, all Sacramento area graduates.

Baker says he wants kids to stay fit and get involved in sports instead of getting into trouble and being unhealthy, especially since so many California schools are eliminating their gym classes. As well as the players backing up Baker's mission, he also has two organizations on his team; California Association for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD), and Pro Player Baseball Instruction (PPBI).