FOX40 NEWSROOM - Here's a recap of today's news headlines on for Wednesday, April 15th, 2009:

  • National Tea Parties: Sacramento's Capitol Building played home to a large gathering of anti-tax protestors today. The demonstration was part of a nationwide protest that organizers are calling tea parties, a reference to the Boston Tea Party. A national media watchdog group blasted the FOX News Channel's heavy coverage of the event. (Read Story)
  • Virgin Mary Beheading:  A vandal decapitated a statue of the Virgin Mary outside a Santa Monica church where California's Governor regularly attends services.  The headless statue was discovered by a priest Easter morning. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. (Read Story)
  • War On Drugs: He led the fight aginst drug and human smuggling more than a decade ago. Now, former federal prosecutor Alan Bersin has been tapped by President Obama to lead the nation's war on drugs as America's "Drug Czar." (Read Story)
  • Drug Prices Up: The cost of popular brand-name prescription drugs are on the rise according to AARP. AARP's report highlighted growing costs of what it said were the 219 most widely used brand-name drugs.  The group's annual study also found prices of generic over-the-counter drugs are falling.  (Read Story)
  • Harry Potter Movie: The new boy wizard movie is being released in theatres two days earlier than expected.  The studio responsible for distributing the new Harry Potter flick announced the latest installment in the magical series will be released on July 15th instead of July 17th. (Read Story)
  • Blago Reality Show? Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has expressed interest in starring on a "Survivor"-like show airing on NBC.  A federal judge will have to first approve the role on the reality program, which takes place in Costa Rica. (Read Story)
  • One Last Thing...:  Comedian Jamie Foxx is stirring up controversy after making crude comments about Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus on his national satellite radio program. Foxx suggested Cyrus "make a sex tape and grow up" after reporting British band Radiohead turned the teen sensation away from a backstage appearance at the Grammy Awards.  (Read Story)
  • Your Weather Tonight: An average low of around 40 degrees under clear skies.  Winds will hold steady around 10 MPH, decreasing by late evening. Tomorrow, noticeably warmer under sunny skies with light winds in the afternoon. (Get Forecast)
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