With wildfires already having scorched more than 3,000 square miles of land in Russia, California and the federal government are stepping in to give Russian firefighters their surplus supplies.

At the former Sharpe Army Depot in French Camp more than 200 pallets of firefighting essentials, like Nomex and hand tools are being prepped for a trip to Russia.

"Last year, there was a very, very mild fire season, so the inventories here are generally robust enough to support both fire seasons here locally as well as other states and other countries," says Eugene Chow of the General Services Administration.

Those supplies are expected to leave from Stockton Metropolitan Airport on Sunday morning -- and forget about UPS or FedEX, GSA workers say they'll get the much-needed gear to Russia fast.

"If it gets out tomorrow which is Sunday, we'd probably be looking at a Monday morning landing," says James Gorman.