54-year old Henry Telles, Senior doesn't know why Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputies are picking on him in the City of Waterford, California. "I am some type of target...I've been since I been up here". Telles also says this unfair treatment has been going on since 1993.

Telles told FOX40 he's been arrested for everything from taping cops to hitting a girl with a belt buckle, to kicking out a deputies window while in custody. But Telles insist he's innocent and so far the court are on his side. Out of the 39 arrest....37 arrest have been dismissed or he won in a challenge.

FOX40 did try to confirm Mr. Telles' claims with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department and all we got was a statement..."Due to protedted information I cannot provide Mr. Telles' wrap sheet...but I can confirm he's been arrested numerous times. That according to Lt. Mike Parker with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department..

But Telles is talking and moving ahead with his lawsuit. It's his second attempt and he's hoping this suit won't be dismissed like the last one. Still Henry Telles remains confident he's an innocent guy and to him something is wrong with cops.