An armed attempted murder suspect has been shot and a baby held hostage rescued at the Arden Way hostage situation in Sacramento.

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Authorities were successfully able to deliver a package filled with water, diapers and food to a 26-year-old man holding a one-year-old baby hostage inside an apartment unit in Sacramento Friday evening.

It has been more than fifty hours since 26-year-old Anthony Alvarez took one-year-old Michael Pittman, Jr. hostage inside unit 29 of the Arden Towne Apartments in Sacramento after police investigators spotted the attempted murder and armed robbery suspect inside the complex's parking lot.

Despite displacing more than 80 families and costing local businesses thousands of dollars, Sacramento County's top cop says time is on their side and authorities have no interest in rushing the standoff.

"Time is on our side," John McGinness with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said at a press conference Friday afternoon. "Time is the greatest resource that we have to ensure the greatest likelihood that the child comes out well."

Friday, a police robot delivered a bag full of supplies to the hostage suspect. Police said they would not cut off electricity to the apartment so that Alvarez could continue to care for the one-year-old toddler.

Over the course of the past three days, officers and Alvarez have exchanged gunfire multiple times. Thursday, Alvarez was said to have hit an armored car being used by SWAT officers at least once.

The situation has been ongoing since Wednesday when officers spotted Alvarez at the Arden Towne Apartments, limiting the amount of deputies and officers on the streets of Sacramento

"Our resources are being strained," Tim Curran with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department admitted during a press conference Friday afternoon. "We're making the necessary adjustments."

Curran added that six officers were patrolling the northern portion of Sacramento Thursday evening and that "no 9-1-1 call involving a potential life-saving or violent crime [emergency]" had gone unanswered.

Curran also said unmarked patrol cars were being used.

Alvarez, who has been in contact with family members since the start of the standoff, reported he'd received a head injury and a bullet injury to the arm. However, a press release issued by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Friday morning said SWAT officers do not believe Alvarez was hit by gunfire.

The uncle of the baby held hostage says Alvarez is a diagnosed schizophrenic. Law enforcement officials are worried that Alvarez may not be on his medication and report dialogue between police officers on-scene and Alvarez has not been substantial over the past three days.

Tim Curran with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department reports SWAT officers have begun using loud alarms and flash bang devices in an effort to draw Alvarez out of the apartment by making the situation as uncomfortable as possible. Electricity continues to be delivered to the apartment so that Alvarez can continue to care for Pittman.

Sacramento's longest standoff in history -- surpassing the deadly "Good Guys" hostage situation from nearly two decades ago -- has not been immune to its share of bizarre events. A woman was detained by law enforcement officials shortly after 1pm Thursday after she scaled the roof of the apartment building, claiming she wanted to rescue the infant held hostage and read him a poem.

Tim Curran with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department reports the woman, whose name has not been identified, would be subjected to a mental health evaluation.

Normally-flourishing businesses along Arden Way are suffering as a result of the hostage situation. Arden Way between Fulton Avenue and Bell Street is closed, which is keeping customers from several restaurants and businesses located along the half-mile stretch from spending cash.