The following is an in-progress account of the Angels-Yankees game as written by Houston Mitchell with the Los Angeles Times, updated every few minutes...

BOTTOM OF THE 11TH (Angels 5, Yankees 4)

David Robertson pitching. Juan Rivera batting. Rivera grounds to short. Morales flies to left. Robertson is removed for Alfredo Aceves. A strange move, since Robertson is pitching well and the Yankees have only two pitchers in the bullpen. Kendrick singles to center. Mathis doubles to left-center, Kendrick scores. Angels win, 5-4!

TOP OF THE 11TH (Angels 4, Yankees 4)

Ervin Santana pitching. Cabrera grounds to second. Jeter flies to center. Francisco Cervelli will hit for Rivera, who was in the lineup because the Yankees had their DH play in the field in the bottom of the 10th. Cervelli strikes out swinging. Angels get another shot at it.

BOTTOM OF THE 10TH (Angels 4, Yankees 4)

Hughes still pitching. Mathis hits a booming leadoff double to left-center. And that will bring Mariano Rivera into the game. Aybar bunts back to Rivera, who throws it in the dirt to third trying to get Mathis. The ball gets by A-Rod but Damon backs up, so Mathis can't score. First and third, no one out. Figgins is up. He hits a grounder to first. Mathis can't score, Aybar to second, Figgins out at first. Second and third, one out. Tim McCarver is criticizing Scioscia for not pinch-running Reggie Willits for Mathis. Abreu is walked intentionally, loading the bases with one out for Torii Hunter. A deep fly ball wins Game 3. Joe Girardi brings Jerry Hairston from the DH spot and inserts him into left field for Damon, since Hairston has a much better arm. That also means the pitcher will have to bat for the Yankees if the game continues. Hunter grounds to first, Mathis forced out at home. Two out, bases remain loaded. That brings up Vladimir Guerrero. Can he silence the critics once and for all? Nope. He grounds to first to. Inning is over. We go to the 11th.

TOP OF THE 10TH (Angels 4, Yankees 4)

Jason Bulger pitching now. Posada strikes out swinging. Bulger fell behind 3-0 then made three nice pitches, the last two curveballs, to strike him out. Cano grounds to second. Swisher strikes out swinging.

BOTTOM OF THE NINTH (Angels 4, Yankees 4)

Phil Hughes pitching. Rivera grounds to short. Morales, who has been very quiet the entire postseason, is up. He hits a line drive right at Teixeira at first. Two out. Kendrick, who has a homer and a triple, pops to second. We go to extra innings.

TOP OF THE NINTH (Angels 4, Yankees 4)

Brian Fuentes is in the game. Which could be trouble. He gets a mixed reaction from Angels fans. Damon grounds to second. Teixeira strikes out. Rodriguez is up. Can he homer off Fuentes again? He won't get the chance, as he is walked intentionally. Two out, bases empty, intentional walk. You don't see that every day. Hairston will bat for Gardner, who had run for Matsui. Hairston strikes out swinging.

BOTTOM OF THE EIGHTH (Angels 4, Yankees 4)

Abreu hits a line drive to the fence in right-center, tries to go to third, then changes his mind and heads back to second, but Jeter takes the cutoff throw and gives it to Teixeira covering second. Teixeria tags out Abreu. That was a combination of some heady defense by the Yankees, particularly Teixeira, and horrible baserunning by Abreu. Hunter strikes out swinging. Guerrero grounds to third. A-Rod throws wide but Teixeira grabs the ball and tags Guerrero for the out. A truly demoralizing inning for the Angels.

TOP OF THE EIGHTH (Angels 4, Yankees 4)

Jeff Mathis is catching. Jepsen is still pitching. Matsui walks. Uh oh. Posada is up. Brett Gardner will run for Matsui. Mike Scioscia calls for a pitchout at the perfect time and Mathis throws Gardner out trying to steal. Posada homers to center, tying the score, 4-4. Cano singles to center. Swisher walks. First and second, one out. Cabrera strikes out swinging. Jeter grounds to the pitcher. Angels escape cheaply enough.

BOTTOM OF THE SEVENTH (Angels 4, Yankees 3)

Morales hits a line drive to left that Damon almost overruns, but he reaches up to make the catch in time. And that's it for Andy Pettitte. Joba Chamberlain pitching. Howie Kendrick triples to right-center. Kendrick hustled all the way from home plate, which is why he ended up at third. He didn't take time to admire the ball, which almost went out. Izturis, batting for Napoli, flies to deep right, scoring Kendrick. The Angels lead for the first time, 4-3. Aybar hits a shot down the right-field line for a double. Out goes Chamberlain, in comes Damaso Marte, who retires Figgins on a fly ball to right field.