Jerry Brown supporters at UC Davis on Tuesday, said they want a governor who will provide jobs and fight for working families.

Regina Gastelum's husband lost his job almost two years ago.

"It's very important to have a person that is for the working class of California," she said.

Aside from worrying about how to make their mortgage payments, she also says getting sick is a problem, since they also lost their medical insurance.

"We've been without our coverage through his union for about a year now. That's really scary." Scary for Gastelum, considering she just battled a case of strep throat.

"Because we're such at low income right now because of our job loss, I applied for the county indigent program and was able to go and get antibiotics to get rid of that," she added.

Meg Whitman backers say the former Ebay CEO will use her smart business sense to turn the state's multi-*billion-dollar deficit around.

Dave Sanders is a business owner who believes Whitman has the know-how to bring jobs to California.

"At some point you need to increase and grow revenue. And the only way you're going to grow revenue is to have businesses prosper and want to add jobs," Sanders said. "And if you make it easier for companies to do business in this state, then they will continue to add jobs."

But some political analysts believe both candidates are viewed negatively by many, and that seeing them side-by-side for the first time will help voters decide who they'll support.