The new operators of the future Sacramento Kings arena in downtown are in town meeting with city leaders Tuesday to discuss why they got onboard and plans to move forward.

Anschutz Entertainment Group has been quiet in this year’s debate over funding the new arena, Tuesday they said they are participating in this event because they “have a lot of respect for what KJ has done here”.

Their decision was also based on their location; they are based in California, and CEO Tim Leiweke said, “We’re very proud of the state, and it’s time we put the state back to work”.

AEG owns part of the LA Lakers, but Leiweke said that did not factor into their decision, “It had nothing to do with LA and everything to do with Sacramento”.

He recalled that he grew up in St. Louis, and was there when a franchise left town. He said it’s not a good thing to happen to a city. “I happen to believe that teams shouldn’t move,” said Leiweke.

The group is contributing more than $58 million to the construction of the sports and entertainment complex at the downtown railyards, and will operate the finished arena.

That amount is the second-largest financial commitment AEG has made to a facility they have been involved with in the country.

Leiweke met with Mayor Kevin Johnson, the Maloof brothers, representatives from the NBA and the ICON-Taylor group.

AEG operates arenas and entertainment complexes around the world. They have promised to bring international recognition and international acts to Sacramento with their sports and entertainment complex. “I’m very optimistic about Sacramento,” said Leiweke.